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From Twitter 05-14-2011
The revolution will be WikiLeaked

  • 17:27:54: RT @CapSkirring: “@FRANCE24: SYRIA: Protesters killed after regime promises 'national dialogue'
  • 17:29:09: RT @telecomix: 6 confirmed killed by #Syrian regime forces yesterday, Reuters:
  • 17:29:22: RT @Alltop_Hendry: Deaths in Syria despite 'no-shoot order'
  • 17:30:35: RT @farisxi: @Ashraf_ElKhatib EPIC March in solidarity with the #ArabRevolutions #syria #egypt #palestine ...
  • 17:31:25: RT @tameryazar: that's the question that has no any answer yet... "What happens when the #Arab Spring turns to summer?" #libya #syria #e ...
  • 17:33:17: RT @ahlelsham: @arabicfreedom78 discussion with opposition should have started before close to 1000 syrian were killed now it is too lat ...
  • 17:33:30: RT @morgansher: Haven't forgotten #syria #bahrain and know #egypt and #tunisia still got a lot of struggle going on. <3 to them
  • 21:10:10: Amnesty International hails WikiLeaks and Guardian as Arab spring 'catalysts' | World news | The Guardian
  • 21:40:45: What's Really in the Leaked WikiLeaks Confidentiality Agreement? | MyFDL

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